EGLX: A Great New Canadian Event

This previous weekend, I had the chance of going to EGLX, the first Canadian gaming convention of it's kind, and I can say that it was an incredible experience. EGLX is a massive set of eSports competitions mixed with exhibitions of new games and technology, the first of it's kind in Canada. The perfect amalgam between e-sports and independent gaming, the convention hall had something for all demographics. From the constant games being competed in somewhere, to the Xbox Ones that were set up to show off the newest AAA games, to the arcade cabinets or old consoles hooked up to CRT TVs, there were literally games for everybody to play. Some of the best games, however, were in the exhibitor booths, where indie developers showed off their latest works. We saw some fantastic games this weekend, which we will cover more in depth later this week.

Overall it was an incredibly fun experience. Whenever there was excitement from the main stage you could hear it anywhere in the event hall: that was one of the greatest things about it, feeling that constant hype and excitement no matter where you were in the hall. The games were great to watch and play, my only wish is for there to have been more exhibitors. Regardless, it was a fantastic event and a great addition to the Canadian gaming scene.

Here's a video of our experiences this weekend at EGLX:

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing profiles on the various exhibitors who we met and interviewed. If you want to read and watch videos about great members of the Canadian gaming industry then be sure to come back to for more.

A game designer, producer, production designer, writer and editor, Jason has dipped his toes into many creative fields, perhaps too many. He lives in Toronto, writing, making games and thinking about dogs. Follows Jason on Twitter at @jwestonwong.