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Drop Dead Dancing

Lead Designer/Lead Programmer/Producer


Victory Screen

Sample Animation from the game, showing the tone and art style.

Working on Drop Dead Dancing, I served as the Lead Designer, Lead Programmer and Producer.

In my capacity as the Lead Designer, I developed the original concept for the game and developed the mechanics over the course of the project. Knowing that I wanted to focus on an asymmetrical gameplay experience, that fuelled the entire game design.

As the Lead Programmer not only did I code the majority of the game, but I also learned to code in Unity for the first time for the creation of the game. I developed new skills and learned the basics of coding for the game.

As a producer, I managed the collaboration between myself, the lead artist and the other two teammates. I created a GANTT chart and identified the critical tasks that needed to be accomplished for each of the due dates - which, unfortunately slipped due to collaboration issues. Thus, I also analyzed the strongest aspects of the game and reduced the scale accordingly.