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Film Experience

Below are a selection of films highlighting the work I have done on them. At the bottom of the page is a list of all the movies that I have worked on.


Asteroid, 2014

Art Director

Asteroid is a sci-fi fantasy film about a young girl and her grandfather travelling through space. As an art director of this film, I was deeply involved in crafting the final image of the film, from creating the sets to unifying the look of the props. I learned how to create an immersive and unified world visually through working on this set.

Asteroid was featured on the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival and won the People's Choice Award

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.18.48 PM.png

Dynasties, 2015

Art Director

Dynasties was an ambitious project; the image to the left was built on a sound-stage, with myself working primarily on the creation of the forest. In addition to this scene, which included soil, there were a number of other design-heavy scenes. Working on this film gave me an increased skill in understanding how detail influences visuals and also allowed me to further hone my craft in creating a unified visual diagesis.


Holding On, 2016

Production Designer

Working as the Production Designer of Holding On, I was in charge of creating the visual world of the film. Working closely with the director, I took their script and transformed the ideas into a physical world. As Production Designer, not only did I need to translate the text into visuals, but I also needed to ensure that it was unified and cohesive as a film, regardless of differing settings.

List of Credits

·       Tiny Mighty Tenma, 2014 – Art PA

·       Are You Listening, 2014 – PA

·       Dynasties, 2015 – Art Director

·       Fresh Paint, 2015 – Art PA

·       Autophobia, 2015 – Director/Cinematographer/Production Designer

·       Day I Die Music Video, 2015 – Art Director

·       Build Me a Box Music Video, 2015 – Production Designer

·       Leftovers, 2016 – Production Designer

·       Deep Six, 2017 – Carpenter

·       Untitled (directed by Eui Yong Zong), 2014 – Boom Op/PA

·       Asteroid, 2014 – Art Director

·       Bart’s Big Break, 2015 – PA

·       Cupid, 2015 – Art PA/Grip

·       Adams Testament, 2015 – Art PA

·       Aphotic Womb, 2015 – Production Designer

·       Holding On, 2016 – Production Designer

·       A for Apple, 2016 – Production Designer