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Other Games

Below is a collection of various other games that I have created - none of these are large enough projects to warrant their own page.

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A screen from Find The Ace

Find The Ace

A narrative Twine game, Find The Ace is based on a card game with no story - part of the difficulty in adapting this game was to find where to put the narrative into the experience. ~7000 words with multiple endings and a random start.

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An except of the Swapmeet Rules


Swapmeet is an experimental game, played in real life. Inspired by an experimental theatre piece, it asks players to step into the space of the game to do something they wouldn't consider otherwise: namely, admitting a secret to a total stranger. Featured as part of the Toronto Different Games Festival, it was met with acclaim.

It was later remounted with Crapshoot at Theatre Passe-Muraille as part of Art Bazaar #2.

Featured on DorkShelf as one of the Best Games of the Different Games Festival

A screenshot from  Desktop Sex Girl 2017 .

A screenshot from Desktop Sex Girl 2017.

Interactive Media Projects

Created alongside a course in interactive media are two short games, both of which use the medium to challenge an issue. The first game, A Life, Well, Lived? was created in Twine and uses a non-linear narrative to explore lack of choice in games. Desktop Sex Girl 2017 was created in Unity and explores issues of consent and sexual violence while making the user implicit.


Other Game Projects

In conjunction with a udemy coding course, I have created a number of clones of basic games to develop my coding skills. As these are clones and not independently created or developed, they are not significant beyond having taught me coding skills.