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Screenwriting and Narrative Experience

Having taken a specialization in Screenwriting as my undergrad, I am very familiar with narrative structure and how to craft a compelling story. I have written feature films as well as shorter formats, being short films and television. In addition, I have experience with editing all of the above for content as well as flow. Below I have included a number of samples of my works, with the important details noted.

Feature Film: Immersion

Immersion is a feature film about a girl who struggles to escape grief and the horrors of the real world by hiding within a virtual reality -  only to find herself in a deadly game with no way out. In the writing of Immersion I learned how to create a long-form narrative that is propelled by characters as well as action, crafting a balance for the story. As well, I am engaging part of the genre that has yet to be fully explored, merging my two passions of gaming and film.

A first draft of the script has been finished, and is currently under refinement. 




TV Bible - Please Supervise Your Children

Please Supervise Your Children is a horror anthology series set inside of a theme park where anything is possible and death is constantly present. The bible was developed as a major project for a culminating class - I learned the process of creating a world and framework through which a limitless number of stories can be told. Please Supervise Your Children was a particularly difficult project to create as unlike many other series it lacks protagonists that recur between episodes, instead choosing to focus on one ride per episode, exploring non-traditional entities and truly unique creatures that target our basest of fears - those from our childhood.

The bible is still under development - the current draft can be found below:


Short Films and Other TV

Through the course of my undergraduate degree, I have written a number of short films and television episodes across a number of genres. As a result of this study, I have gained an in depth understanding of how to craft a narrative based on an idea, how to adapt other media into a story and have improved my writing skills in general. Below you will find a selection of short scripts with corresponding details.

BOTTLENECK - A short heady horror film about a woman trapped in a room that she soon realizes has no doors or windows. She can't remember anything before being in the room, save for a campfire. Writing this story was difficult as I had to find a way to create exposition without forcing a monologue.

LIFE FLIGHT - An adaptation of a story from The Moth, Life Flight is a emotional drama about a woman returning to her family post-transition after a tragedy. In crafting this story, I stayed very true to the source material, but expanded on it to give it the flow of a film instead of just being an oral story.

BROAD CITY SPEC - An episode written for the television show Broad City, a comedy show on Comedy Central, this script is a new story with their existing characters. Creating a spec script based on an existing television show improved by abilities to write in somebody else's voice and to capture the feeling and stay true to an existing property.


Working with fellow writers in my program, I have edited numerous scripts, both for feature and shorter works. I have learned to ask questions that guide the writer to the solution without specifically telling them what to change. In addition, I have a deeper understanding of flow and narrative structure as a result.